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MH370, What really happened?

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MH370, What really happened? Empty MH370, What really happened?

Post by Admin Fri Aug 25, 2023 9:38 pm

MH370, What really happened?

The Real Story of MH370 - Compilation

Preface - "It's not CGI"

Real Video
-Recorded using a citrix session login to the actual satellite database, using their actual recording software. (satellite designation, coordinates as the user moves over the screen)  
-Different frame rate for the mouse because of the citrix session and the satellite video database  
-A joystick and mouse was used while recording due to the placement of the mouse we can see and the joystick moving around the screen.  
-No graphic issues after hundreds of hours of the community searching frame by frame
-Leaked with intent - coordinates, used the actual recording software not a camera, colorizing the thermal to see the orbs endothermic engine
-Hoaxer would have to know what the system looks like to fake it


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